Maria From Long Island

Hi Omar

You are truly a poet! I am so inspired by your messages and I really get it.
“Tired from round 1,when will the bell ring”  That is a great line,I
could so relate to.
I was born on the same day,year and neighborhood as Mike Tyson  May
8,1966 in East NY and also Sugar Ray Leonard
is born on my BD,so I can relate to fighters in a metaphorical way.

I love all your quotes especially “Everyday is a makeup exam” So true!

Also I love “360 degrees of Purification”,Blessings,untitled !!!

I really related to the way you write.I could understand how you must
feel free.I really didn’t see any errors as everything sounded
smooth and I could visualize your details and the analogy of the
message you were trying to convey.It would be wonderful if you could
record yourself reading your work on a CD also.

I am blown away!!!

I have to read it more to really catch some things I didn’t see before.

Someone recently told me the mind is only good for one thing -to learn
and write of course!

Keep on writing.

Peace,and Light



2 responses to “Maria From Long Island

  1. Hi Omar,

    We met in Union Square Park and we exchanged books. It was important that I get in touch with to let you know how much I enjoyed your poems. You MUST continue to write!! I especially enjoyed Fear of Myself. I hope my little book of Creative Thoughts brought you as much pleasure and peace as your poems did me.

    Love and light,

    • Thanks Libby. I’m glad you enjoyed it. The book you gave me is interesting. I have to read the rest. Thanks for sharing.

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