Hello there. I read your poetry tonight and this is my initial response:

When did you start writing poetry? and do you have any favorite poets who were and/or a source of inspiration?

Why did you titled the book The Disappearance Of Hate?

The chapter I enjoyed was chapter 2: Self Conscious. It’s very candid about personal struggles of the self. This is universal and knows no real boundaries of age, sex, race, class etc.

I found Paranoia poignant and perhaps the superior poem in The Disappearance Of Hate. I don’t quite know what it’s about besides being paranoid with the strangers around you. And was this based on an actual event(s). You captured “paranoia” quite well. It’s restrained yet not. It’s nonchalant yet not. It’s certain yet not.

Untitled on page 15 is also pretty good and my favorite lines are “Giving up is an option/ No it’s not an option/” and why do I like the lines?

I like them because the lines slightly departs from the expected and most writers would settle with “Giving up is not an option”. There’s this uncertainty and hesitance.

Anyway congrats with the book. I’m sure it took lots of dedication.


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