Change Is A Coming

Wassup everyone?  There’s going to be  a slight change of direction. “Mental Diet” and “The Disappearance Of Hate” feedback will appear simultaneously on this blog. I love comments. Once again, I do not discriminate over people’s opinions. Just keep it clean.  Btw, you might be upset, since I didn’t go into detail about “Mental Diet” in the last post. I apologize.  It’s a fictional collection of recipes to motivate and inspire people to become superior beings. If you’re having a bad day, lack vision, feel defeated or generally depressed, then I want you to pick up this book. Even, if you’re feeling happy, I want to add to your happiness. Read it to your children, give it to a spouse or stranger. Also, I have a money back guarantee if you’re dissatisfied with the book. But, I know you won’t be.



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