Preface For New Book “Mental Diet”

For the many who will read this small, yet spiritually and psychologically important volume: “Mental Diet”, they will applaud the author for having keen insight into touching the human soul gently and un-harnessing the emotions that strangle nuance of desires. “Mental Diet” is the second published works; the first being: “The Disappearance of Hate”-a cathartic introspection of the author, allowing him to delve deeper into our psyche.

For all literary purposes, Mansu Edwards, is a new writer who has found his way to our bookshelves. However, as his work is read, the reader will sense that he had been around for a very long time. Frankly, he hasn’t! Once “Mental Diet” has been rightfully digested, I am convinced that there will be a hunger for future works.


-A.V. Jordon-Powell, Book Critic

Thanks A.V. for your contribution to my book.



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