Last Printing Of “The Disappearance Of Hate”

Wassup? There are only 15 copies left of “The Disappearance Of Hate”. There will be no more reprints. So, if you miss out, then you have to buy it from a seller on ebay. Again, thank you so much for everyone who supported TDOH, “TDOH” E book,” TDOH Reloaded” and gave comments. The book will always be my first love. I decided to stop production to focus on “Mental Diet”. My initial plan was to generate millions of copies of “The Disappearance Of Hate”. But, I believe that “Mental Diet” can and will continue the tradition of motivating and inspiring people to achieve and conquer obstacles just like TDOH did. All copies of “The Disappearance Of Hate” will be autographed. Also, “The Disappearance Of Hate Reloaded Ebook” will be taken down as well.



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