Poetry Reading at Bar 82

Last Wednesday, I performed at Bar 82 in the East Village. It took me a minute to find the place. A young dude from Starbucks tried  helping me, but he couldn’t find it. He asked strangers and his co-workers. But, no one had a clue. I decided to call Bar 82. Btw, it was my 3rd call. It was across the street. There wasn’t a sign. When I crossed the street, I saw Bar 82 scrawled on a chalkboard. I went inside and the bartender directed me to the back near the pool table. The room was dark, people sat and watched the performers. I didn’t even try to find my meetup group. I was the only author, most of the performers were musicians. There was 1 comedian. The audience gave me a lot of love. People were laughing hard at my recipes. My goal was to provide food for thought not laughter. But, it’s cool tho. People dug it. A white guy gave me a pound and a guitarist told me “it was good stuff”.

Peace to dude from Starbucks for going all out to help me. Also, Wayne and Bar 82 for letting my perform.



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